Have you ever wondered why people fly? What brings them on the same plane you’re on? What they think about thousands of feet in the air?

Airplane Tales is a social experiment to encourage people to share thoughts while they fly from destination to destination.

Done through a notebook that gets passed on from person to person onboard of one flight, the project invites people to share stories and ask questions.

Anyone who flies can collect Airplane Tales.

The rules are simple and effective. Take an empty notebook onboard of your next flight. Write an introduction explaining why you want to start the book. Then copy and write these instructions in the book:

1. Read the last story in this book.

2. Write a response to the question.

3. Ask a new question or use the same question again.

4. Sign it with your seat number (include your email if you wish so.)

5. Pass the book to the person next to you.

6. If you don’t want to write, please pass it on.

7. Return to (insert your name) in seat (insert your seat number) before landing.

Now share your own story to get the book started. End the story with a question. Attach a pen. Walk to the front of the plane. Hand it to one person and return to your seat.

When done, type up the stories. Send them to me at airplanetales (at) gmail (dot) com with the 2 destinations, airline and date in the subject line.

I will then publish them here as a new post from you.

Get collecting now and let’s share the tales with the world.



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